About the host

What is good beautiful people?! Thank you for getting to know little about me. I’m Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli the host of Gritty Genius podcast. I would sum my life up as living outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been there done that and live to tell the story! I’m a licensed clinical and sport psychologist but that’s what I do, not who I am.

From a young age I always knew that what I did would be an instrument for helping people. I wanted to be that person in someone else’s corner when they felt like they had no-one. I wanted to be that person you could depend on to have your back. I wanted to be that person to show others that circumstances do not define us, they challenge us, to be better.

“I started from the bottom now we here”…I’m a wife, mom, yogi, athlete, among many other things. Most of all I’m deeply passionate about changing the world for the better by breaking down the personal lies, de-conditioning the false illusions and fears that have been ingrained in our consciousness and keep us in limitation. It’s time that we all live up to the amazing light within us.

If you keep listening you’ll definitely get to know more about me personally and what has shaped my life, as well as amazing people that have impacted me. Episode one highlights my personal grit story so go ahead and take listen.

Mucho love,

Dr. G

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