Goals, Intentions, Resolutions Part I

Here are some of my inital thoughts on goals, intentions, resolutions for the new year! I challenge listeners to first take stock of life and how your new goals, intentions and resolutions will fit in. Does everything in your life align with what you want to create or do you need to let go of things to make space? I also encourage you to have a system to check in on goals to hold yourself accountable. Otherwise, “life” will become the excuse that you didn’t follow through or fell off the path. Also, I want you to consider that accomplishing goals, intentions, and resolutions are about change. And REAL change encompasses creating all new behaviors, new thoughts, lifestyle etc. That sh*t ain’t easy, so be realistic with what you are able to do set forth. Hence, taking stock. Lastly, have the mental flexibility and faith that even though our goals may not happen in the exact way or timeline , that does not mean they won’t come to fruition. Believe that no effort is ever wasted and the seeds of change always sprout. Because you have what it takes to make it happen in 2019!

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