Beth Chernosky, Intuitive Guide, Healer and Spirit Connector

Perfect episode to kick off 2019! Dr. P and Beth Chernosky keep it real; get vulnerable and deep on today’s episode. They talk all things healing, trusting and following Spirit; being open to intuitive guidance and life’s gritty lessons. They challenge listeners to have an open mind about Spirit guidance and how intuitive guidance can be healing and comforting. Beth offers listeners hope and encouragement that in their journey they will make it out okay.

Beth Chernosky is a Texas girl who was raised on an Island off the coast of Maine. With a background in Communication Sciences and Disorders- she spends a majority of her time as a pediatric speech pathologist working with preschool kiddos. Several years ago the Universe brought it to her attention that she has been gifted a very strong sensitivity to energies and to Spirits who have crossed over. And so when she is called up…Beth provides Intuitive (psychic) readings to clients across the country and the World. She has one black Halloween cat named Adrock (after DJ Ad-rock from the Beastie Boys). You can often find her watching sports, baking quiches or playing Warren G in her Subaru Forester.

To contact Beth for Intuitive Readings visit link:…arch_shop_redirect

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